Tucker Mystery Box

Tucker Mystery Box

Regular price Rs. 1,500.00
The Tucker Mystery Box is one of the most interesting products in our shop.
Each Mystery Box has a minimum retail value of INR 1500-3000 (depending on your edition choice: silver/gold) in Tuckerbox merchandise which can include 70% apparel and rest in action figures, apparel, plush, limited edition collectibles, toys and more!

Our Tucker Mystery Box category contains some of the best products which kids can use in their daily life and feel great about it. 

  • All Products Are Brand New
  • Each box is different, we never send the same products twice. If you've already shopped with us, these mystery boxes will not contain any of those items. 
  • All Products will be provided according to the sizes you choose
  • In case you need customized size do inform about same
  • The box contains some limited edition products, Tuckerbox partner products, and even Tucker Gold Coin.
  • We’re just kidding about the Tucker Gold Coin 😉


Silver Edition: Will have 3 apparel items and 4 other merchandise.

Gold edition: Will have 4 apparel items and 8 other merchandise


Surprise Awaits