Burp 'N Drool Tuckerbox
Burp 'N Drool Tuckerbox
Burp 'N Drool Tuckerbox
Burp 'N Drool Tuckerbox

Burp 'N Drool Tuckerbox

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You paid for their clothing! Why not protect it? Dibs on Bibs!  Burp 'N Drool Tuckerbox delivers fashion and function. We paired our burp cloth with three drool bibs creating this super newborn gift.

Babies make a mess whether they’re newborns or 6 months old. They frequently spit up or drool. Sometimes babies even make a game out of drooling. So do yourself a favor – put a bib on your children for as long as they’ll let you. It will save you a lot of aggravation and work in the long run.



  • Burp Cloth (30cm) - 1
  • Bandana Bib - 3 

The burp cloth is made of 100% cotton

The bandana bibs make a great accessory but have also been designed to protect clothing from spills and little accidents during feeding. These bibs can fit many different sizes of children because they have nickel-free snaps that fit a range of ages from 3 months up to 2 years old.

Fabric composition: 100% Cotton

Adjustable popper opening
All of our poppers are nickel free


Care Instructions: Machine Washable

Safety warning: keep away from fire